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Midnight Garden Dress

  • $74.00

True Vintage - 80's 90's

Gorgeous breezy summer dress, with short sleeves, mother of pearl buttons, pin-tucking details at the bodice, and a relaxed cocoon type shape.

The colours are really unique. The dark blue base feels like a Prussian blue meets midnight-twilight, and the flowers feel whimsical and romantic, ranging from buttery yellow, to violet, to touches of a soft jewel-y sea green. The floral pattern has wonderful negative space - which makes it feel timeless and modern, and reminds us a bit of the HORSES peony dress, and a bit of a 90's vacation to Europe, specific and feminine, with a touch of timeless restraint. 

It's hard to find 'just right' summer dresses, and to be honest, this is BEYOND a winner. 

  • Size L / XL
  • Flexible sizing, could fit from a 12-20 depending on drape
  • Length 47"
  • Hand wash cold, hang to dry
  • Bespoke
  • Dress came with a raw-hem strip of fabric, not pictured, obviously used by the owner and maker of the dress as a belt, which will be included. 
  • Model is 5'10" and typically wears a size L