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Papier D'Arménie

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Papier d’ Armenie is a natural air deodorizer made from the dried sap of the Styrax tree bonded to paper. 

Created more than 120 years ago, and produced in the same factory in Montrouge, France, the famous Papier d'Arménie booklet contains detachable strips of perfumed paper. The paper owes its unique pleasant fragrance to benzoin resin - renowned for its antiseptic, healing and expectorant properties.

Instructions for use:
Tear off one strip, fold it like an accordion and place it on its longest thinest side on a heat-resistant surface. (We like using a small vintage plate or candle holder). Light it, blow gently so that the paper does not burn up (Papier d’Arménie® should burn slowly).

  • Each booklet includes 36 strips.

  • Produced using traditional methods in the Paris suburb of Montrouge since 1885.
  • Never leave burning strip unattended
  • Traditional Scent (Green): benzoin, myrrh, sweet vanilla and balsam wood.
  • Rose Scent (Pink) : dual roses from Turkey and Iran, yet still fruity with notes of crushed petals.
  • Armenian Scent (Blue) :  Myrrh, sage, lavender and cedarwood.