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Rodolfo Padilla Mugs

  • $52.00

True Vintage - 1970’s 

Incredible condition, signed ceramic studio mugs by Rodolfo Padilla. Crème de la crème of 1970’s design. So gorgeous, rich unique colour combinations and incredible  sculptural shape. Apricot Caramel matte glaze, with an earthy pastel tone drip around the top. 

These eponymous mugs were sold in sets with a wooden stand, and the handle did double duty as a slot in order to make them stack on a wooden base. 

These are heavy! Very heavy. Like a weighted rocks Glass, but in mug form. 

Perfect mugs for ppl with ‘picky dad’ energy. 

  • Signed, Roberto Padilla 
  • Made in Mexico 
  • Set of 2